Divs 1 & 2 Super 6’s Winners 2023


Super 6’s Winners 2023

The Division 1 & 2 Super 6’s Final was contested between Bann-anarama (from Banbridge) and the Whitehead Pirates at Antrim Lawn Bowling Club last night. 

Bann-anarama                                  Whitehead Pirates
K Stevenson & M Nelson    3 v    K Walker & S Moran
M Cromie & Alex Cromie        0.5 v 2.5  P Gilmartin & J Caldwell
Adam Cromie & P Cromie  1    A Rankin & C Todd

With the Pairs sharing the first 2 sets, the overall game was still to be decided. If Bann-anarama won the tiebreak then the title was theirs. If the Pirates won it the overall score would be tied at 4.5-4.5. After 3 exciting ends the Pirates came through 2-1, so each team had to nominate a Pair to play a match tiebreaker. Bann-anarama selected the pairing Adam Cromie & Philip Cromie with the Pirates nominating Andy Rankin & Colin Todd. By this time the guys were playing in the dark!!.
End 1 went to Bann-anarama. End 2 went to the Pirates.
As if things couldn’t get any more exciting, after all 12 bowls had been played in End 3, a measure was required to determine the winners. The measure went the way of the Cromie pair, so Bann-anarama were declared as Champions.

Well done to both teams on reaching the Final, with a special word of congratulations to Bann-anarama.

Special mention to our President, Tom Evans, who ran the Super 6’s competition very capably for the first time.

Thanks to the members of Antrim Lawn for providing some tasty treats before, during and after the bowls.

Hopefully the President’s nominated charity received a nice wee boost from any monies received.

(Report by Stephen Moran)