Mixed Pairs Championship Rules




  1. The Competition shall be called The Northern Ireland Bowling Association’s Mixed Pairs Championship.
  2. This Competition shall be open to all members of affiliated Clubs.
  3. The entrance fee for each Mixed Pair shall be agreed annually at the AGM.
  4. Each Team shall consist of one Gentleman and one Lady member from the same Club.
  5. Each game shall be 18 ends and in the case of a tie an extra end shall be played to decide the winners.
  6. Each competitor shall play three bowls.
  7. Entry will only be accepted on the Official Championship Entry Form, completed either by paper or electronic. Both names must be entered on Entry Form. Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted.
  8. Should an entrant in the Mixed Pairs Competition withdraw through illness or other unforeseen circumstances prior to its commencement, another member of the Club may be nominated, as to maintain the mixed combination, who automatically becomes an original member of the Competition. Such nominations, in writing, must be forwarded to the Honorary Competitions Secretary before the start of the second round.
  9. Members of each Club may make their own arrangements with reference to the Mixed Pairs. The same players must compete throughout the Competition unless satisfactory reasons are submitted for the substitution of not more than one player by a member of the same Club, as to maintain the mixed combination, who has not already taken part in the Mixed Pairs Competition. The original player must be reinstated for subsequent games, if they so desire, and the same substitute must be used for the Mixed Pairs, if again required.
  10. A suitable award shall be presented to the winning competitors and to the runners-up.
  11. General Competition Rules 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 shall apply.