Fixtures & Table – Division 3b

Dress Code: White or Club Tops & White Trousers
Matches: 18 Ends
Side of 10 players:  2 teams of 3 players delivering 2 bowls each & 2 teams of 2 players delivering 3 bowls each
Side of 12 players:  4 teams of 3 players delivering 2 bowls each
Score: 1 pt for each team win, 3 pts for overall shots win. (0.5 pt for team draw or 1.5 pts for overall draw)
Both Clubs must agree if match will 10 or 12 players in advance


League Table 2022

League Division 3b

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost Points Current form
1 DromoreDromore 17 14 0 3 94 WWWWW
2 Londonderry ParkLondonderry Park 17 13 0 4 89 LWWWW
3 DivisDivis 17 14 0 3 89 WWLWW
4 Ulster Maple LeafUlster Maple Leaf 16 13 0 3 79 WLLLW
5 Balmoral BBalmoral B 17 10 0 7 65.5 WWWWL
6 GlengormleyGlengormley 16 10 0 6 65 WWLLW
7 FinaghyFinaghy 17 10 0 7 62.5 LLWLW
8 GilnahirkGilnahirk 17 9 0 8 62.5 LWLWL
9 NewryNewry 17 8 0 9 53 WLLLL
10 58th Old Boys58th Old Boys 17 6 1 10 51 DLWLL
11 MusgraveMusgrave 17 5 0 12 42 WLWLL
12 Donaghadee BDonaghadee B 16 4 0 12 37.5 LWLWL
13 WindsorWindsor 16 3 1 12 26.5 LDWLW
14 Carrickfergus BCarrickfergus B 16 3 0 13 25.5 LLWLW
15 CastletonCastleton 17 2 0 15 22.5 LLLLL

League Fixtures 2022

League Division 3b - Season 2022
Saturday 23rd April - 2.00pm
Week 1PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys3.059v694.0Finaghy
BYE--v--Balmoral B
Donaghadee B6.072v621.0Carrickfergus B
Londonderry Park7.082v390.0Castleton
Ulster Maple Leaf6.072v611.0Divis
Windsor 0.044v947.0Dromore
Saturday 30th April - 2.00pm
Week 2PtsScrScrPts
Carrickfergus B0.564v826.558th Old Boys
Castleton0.044v927.0Ulster Maple Leaf
Donaghadee B0.052v877.0Glengormley
Finaghy 5.067v542.0Windsor
Gilnahirk 0.050v927.0Londonderry Park
Musgrave 6.071v411.0Balmoral B
Saturday 7th May - 2.00pm
Week 3PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys5.061v602.0Donaghadee B
Balmoral B5.064v562.0Dromore
Gilnahirk7.082v490.0Carrickfergus B
Londonderry Park7.089v300.0Divis
Newry3.060v664.0Ulster Maple Leaf
Windsor 6.065v521.0Musgrave
Saturday 14th May - 2.00pm
Week 4 PtsScrScrPts
Carrickfergus B1.062v776.0Londonderry Park
Castleton 5.065v612.0Windsor
Donaghadee B2.060v635.0Gilnahirk
Finaghy 5.063v522.0Balmoral B
Musgrave --v--BYE
Ulster Maple Leaf5.063v542.058th Old Boys
Saturday 21st May - 2.00pm
Week 5PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys5.057v542.0Dromore
Balmoral B2.057v685.0Divis
BYE--v--Donaghadee B
Gilnahirk 6.069v591.0Castleton
Londonderry Park5.572v541.5Musgrave
Newry7.097v360.0Carrickfergus B
Windsor 2.046v725.0Ulster Maple Leaf
Saturday 28th May - 2.00pm
Week 6PtsScrScrPts
Carrickfergus B--v--BYE
Castleton 572.0v5.069Newry
Donaghadee B592.0v5.067Balmoral B
Dromore 726.0v1.068Londonderry Park
Finaghy 624.0v3.059Gilnahirk
Musgrave 765.0v2.06058th Old Boys
Ulster Maple Leaf896.5v0.541Glengormley
Saturday 4th June - 2.00pm
Week 7PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys1.056v716.0Divis
Balmoral B5.068v582.0Castleton
BYE--v--Londonderry Park
Dromore 6.090v561.0Finaghy
Gilnahirk 6.065v511.0Newry
Ulster Maple Leaf7.085v550.0Donaghadee B
Windsor 2.052v635.0Carrickfergus B
Saturday 11th June - 2pm
Week 8PtsScrScrPts
Carrickfergus B0.046v917.0Dromore
Castleton 1.046v876.058th Old Boys
Donaghadee B0.048v777.0Londonderry Park
Finaghy 1.042v756.0Ulster Maple Leaf
Gilnahirk 6.073v471.0Balmoral B
Musgrave 2.059v655.0Divis
Saturday 18th June - 2.00pm
Week 9PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys6.062v531.0Gilnahirk
Balmoral B6.569v370.5Carrickfergus B
Divis 6.084v471.0Castleton
Dromore 6.086v571.0Donaghadee B
Finaghy 6.069v601.0Londonderry Park
Ulster Maple Leaf7.081v510.0Musgrave
Windsor 1.063v646.0Newry
Saturday 25th June - 2.00pm
Week 10PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral B7.082v370.0Windsor
Carrickfergus B2.051v715.0Finaghy
Castleton 5.057v562.0Musgrave
Divis 7.076v430.0Donaghadee B
Londonderry Park2.061v675.0Ulster Maple Leaf
Newry 5.068v632.058th Old Boys
Saturday 2nd July - 2.00pm
Week 11PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys1.056v686.0Glengormley
Balmoral B0.035v787.0Londonderry Park
Dromore 7.080v470.0Castleton
Finaghy 2.556v614.5Newry
Gilnahirk 7.071v520.0Windsor
Musgrave 6.065v551.0Donaghadee B
Ulster Maple Leaf7.0102v310.0Carrickfergus B
Saturday 16th July - 2.00pm
Week 12PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys2.057v585.0Balmoral B
BYE--v--Ulster Maple Leaf
Carrickfergus B0.551v756.5Divis
Donaghadee B7.099v360.0Castleton
Finaghy 5.068v572.0Musgrave
Gilnahirk 0.051v807.0Dromore
Newry 3.055v794.0Londonderry Park
Windsor 1.061v626.0Glengormley
Saturday 23rd July - 2.00pm
Week 13PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral B0.544v566.5Ulster Maple Leaf
BYE--v--58th Old Boys
Castleton 0.033v927.0Finaghy
Divis 6.078v471.0Dromore
Glengormley6.068v571.0Carrickfergus B
Londonderry Park 7.0103v400.0Windsor
Musgrave 1.550v635.5Gilnahirk
Newry 4.567612.5Donaghadee B
Saturday 30th July - 2.00pm
Week 14PtsScrScrPts
Carrickfergus B1.055v636.0Musgrave
Divis 7.083v430.0Gilnahirk
Donaghadee B5.068v622.0Finaghy
Dromore 7.099v440.0Ulster Maple Leaf
Glengormley5.067v612.0Londonderry Park
Newry 1.555v675.5Balmoral B
Windsor 4.553v532.558th Old Boys
Saturday 6th August - 2.00pm
Week 15PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral B6.061v401.0Glengormley
Castleton 2.063v645.0Carrickfergus B
Finaghy 1.057v646.0Divis
Londonderry Park 7.0112v290.058th Old Boys
Musgrave 1.557v665.5Dromore
Ulster Maple Leaf1.057v666.0Gilnahirk
Windsor 6.072v511.0Donaghadee B
Saturday 13th August - 2.00pm
Week 16PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys7.086v380.0Castleton
Carrickfergus B1.046v966.0Balmoral B
Donaghadee B6.084v531.0Ulster Maple Leaf
Gilnahirk0.551v776.5Londonderry Park
Saturday 27th August - 2.00pm
Week 17PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral B7.092v380.058th Old Boys
BYE--V--Carrickfergus B
Londonderry Park5.069v622.0Donaghadee B
Ulster Maple Leaf5.01v02.0Finaghy
Saturday 3rd September - 2.00pm
Week 18 PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys0.026v1197.0Londonderry Park
BYE--V--Donaghadee B
Carrickfergus B7.01v0-3Newry
Divis6.083v381.0Balmoral B
Glengormley0.0MNPvMNP0.0Ulster Maple Leaf
MNP denotes Match Not Played

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