Office Bearers 2022


Thomas Hanna
3 Thomas Street, Warrenpoint, BT34 3ND
M: 07752 133 772

Tom Evans
1 Mount Green Cottages, Antrim, BT41 4PW
M: 07714 235 601

Immediate Past President
Jim McConnell
83 Ballyveaghmore Road, Kilkeel, BT34 6UN
M: 07909 928 813

Honorary General Secretary
Henry McFarland
18 Abbington Manor, Bangor, BT19 1ZQ
M: 07703 107 579

Honorary Treasurer
Dan Dempsey
4 Woodville Avenue, Lurgan, BT66 6JP
M: 07933 164 044

Honorary League Secretary
Stephen Moran
7 Shane Heights, Carrickfergus, BT38 8NY
M: 07967 805 752

Honorary Competitions Secretary
Nigel Moffett
15 Lisnacroppin Road, Rathfriland, BT34 5NS
M: 07778 970 232

Honorary Assistant Secretary
Annesley Harrison
44 Cregagh Park, Belfast, BT6 9LF
M: 07703 467 630

Safeguarding Officer
Fiona Robinson
M: 07811 384 584

General Purposes Committee
Tommy Boyd, Tommy Cheevers, Jim McConville, Gregory Peacock,
 Raymond Robinson, Rodney Simpson, Derek Wright

Competitions Committee
Tommy Boyd, Mark Campbell, Tommy Cheevers,
Robert Watson, Derek Wright

Greens Committee
Kenny Aiken, Tommy Boyd, A. Campbell, Thomas Cannavan, Rodney Carroll,
Peter Cowden, Gregory Peacock, Billy Nixon, Chris Wallace

Delegates to IBA Council
Tommy Cheevers, Annesley Harrison, Jim McConville, Nigel Moffett

Selection Committee
Tommy Cheevers, Michael Crooks, Clifford Dennison,
Annesley Harrison, Keith Taylor

Honorary Auditors
Raymond Robinson and Rodney Simpson

Honorary Members
John Caldwell, Clifford Craig, Noel Graham, 
Robert G. Johnson, Leslie Menabney, Chris Wallace

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