Fixtures & Table – Division 3A

League Table 2023

Note: Only the first 16 matches will count towards Promotion.

League Division 3A

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost Points Current form
1 Newcastle ANewcastle A 16 13 0 3 83 WWWWW
2 OrmeauOrmeau 16 12 0 4 81.5 WWLWW
3 DivisDivis 16 11 1 4 80 WLLWW
4 HolywoodHolywood 16 12 0 4 77 WWWWW
5 DromoreDromore 16 9 1 6 62 WWLLW
6 Antrim LawnAntrim Lawn 16 9 0 7 60 WLWWL
7 WarrenpointWarrenpoint 16 8 0 8 59 WLWLW
8 Lisnagarvey BLisnagarvey B 17 7 0 10 47.5 LWLWL
9 Lurgan BLurgan B 16 6 0 10 45 WLLLL
10 Curran BCurran B 17 5 0 12 43 LWLLL
11 Donaghadee BDonaghadee B 16 6 0 10 36.5 LWLLL
12 58th Old Boys58th Old Boys 16 3 0 13 26 LWLLL
13 1st Ballymacarrett1st Ballymacarrett 16 3 0 13 19.5 LLLWW


League Fixtures 2023

Lisnagarvey ‘B’ have returned to Sir Milne Barbour Park, Warren Gardens this season.

League Division 3A - Season 2023
Saturday 22nd April - 2.00pm
Match 1PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys2.056v1035.0Warrenpoint
Lisnagarvey B6.083v581.0Donaghadee B
Lurgan B5.068v622.0Curran B
Newcastle A6.065v571.0Antrim Lawn
1st Ballymacarrett--v--Bye
Saturday 29th April - 2.00pm
Match 2PtsScrScrPts
Antrim Lawn7.0115v520.0Lurgan B
Curran B1.058v866.0Newcastle A
Donaghadee B5.585v661.5Divis
Lisnagarvey B7.072v410.01st Ballymacarrett
58th Old Boys--v--Bye
Saturday 6th May - 2.00pm
Match 3PtsScrScrPts
1st Ballymacarrett0.043v777.0Donaghadee B
Divis7.0102v620.0Antrim Lawn
Lurgan B7.077v420.058th Old Boys
Newcastle A6.074v611.0Lisnagarvey B
Ormeau6.084v741.0Curran B
Saturday 13th May - 2.00pm
Match 4PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys1.043v866.01st Ballymacarrett
Antrim Lawn1.061v856.0Ormeau
Curran B6.070v601.0Divis
Donaghadee B1.571v775.5Dromore
Lisnagarvey B6.087v561.0Holywood
Warrenpoint2.071v745.0Lurgan B
Newcastle A--v--Bye
Saturday 20th May - 2.00pm
Match 5PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys1.062v676.0Curran B
Dromore5.072v632.0Lisnagarvey B
Lurgan B6.068v541.0Donaghadee B
Newcastle A7.091v420.01st Ballymacarrett
Antrim Lawn--v--Bye
Saturday 27th May - 2.00pm
Match 6PtsScrScrPts
1st Ballymacarrett1.053v686.0Antrim Lawn
Donaghadee B6.590v660.5Curran B
Lisnagarvey B5.076v592.058th Old Boys
Lurgan B1.053v726.0Holywood
Ormeau6.591v690.5Newcastle A
Saturday 3rd June - 2.00pm
Match 7PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys5.075v612.0Antrim Lawn
Curran B7.01v00.01st Ballymacarrett
Dromore2.079v855.0Lurgan B
Holywood5.091v782.0Donaghadee B
Ormeau6.0121v591.0Lisnagarvey B
Warrenpoint1.058v896.0Newcastle A
Saturday 10th June - 2pm
Match 8PtsScrScrPts
1st Ballymacarrett2.072v735.0Dromore
Antrim Lawn4.082v713.0Holywood
Donaghadee B5.082v762.0Warrenpoint
Lisnagarvey B0.054v867.0Curran B
Newcastle A6.096v451.058th Old Boys
Lurgan B--v--Bye
Saturday 17th June - 2.00pm
Match 9PtsScrScrPts
1st Ballymacarrett2.053v635.0Holywood
58th Old Boys7.01v0-3.0Donaghadee B
Curran B2.051v595.0Antrim Lawn
Divis7.0120v390.0Lisnagarvey B
Newcastle A6.573v470.5Lurgan B
Saturday 24th June - 2.00pm
Match 10PtsScrScrPts
1st Ballymacarrett2.054v805.0Divis
Antrim Lawn7.0134v470.0Lisnagarvey B
Curran B0.067v777.0Warrenpoint
Donaghadee B6.073v591.0Newcastle A
Dromore7.0116v450.058th Old Boys
Ormeau6.076v521.0Lurgan B
Saturday 1st July - 2.00pm
Match 11PtsScrScrPts
Antrim Lawn7.0123v340.0Donaghadee B
Dromore0.067v977.0Newcastle A
Holywood7.074v550.0Curran B
Lurgan B2.070v775.0Divis
Ormeau6.0105v491.058th Old Boys
Warrenpoint7.01v0-3.01st Ballymacarrett
Saturday 15th July - 2.00pm
Match 12PtsScrScrPts
1st Ballymacarrett0.051v1117.0Ormeau
Antrim Lawn2.075v855.0Warrenpoint
Curran B0.548v806.5Dromore
Divis7.0128v440.058th Old Boys
Lisnagarvey B6.070v541.0Lurgan B
Newcastle A6.075v591.0Holywood
Donaghadee B--v--Bye
Saturday 22nd July - 2.00pm
Match 13PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys0.032v1037.0Holywood
Divis7.098v670.0Newcastle A
Dromore6.079v491.0Antrim Lawn
Lurgan B7.070v530.01st Ballymacarrett
Ormeau7.0113v380.0Donaghadee B
Warrenpoint5.5100v561.5Lisnagarvey B
Curran B--v--Bye
Saturday 29th July - 2.00pm
Match 14PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys6.081v541.0Lurgan B
Antrim Lawn5.097v822.0Divis
Curran B0.060v887.0Ormeau
Donaghadee B6.067v661.01st Ballymacarrett
Lisnagarvey B0.054v757.0Newcastle A
Saturday 12th August - 2.00pm
Match 15PtsScrScrPts
58th Old Boys2.054v845.0Lisnagarvey B
Antrim Lawn7.01v0-3.01st Ballymacrrett
Curran B6.092v611.0Donaghadee B
Holywood7.086v430.0Lurgan B
Newcastle A6.087v721.0Ormeau
Saturday 19th August - 2.00pm
Match 16PtsScrScrPts
1st Ballymacarrett6.074v531.0Curran B
Donaghadee B0.047v957.0Ormeau
Antrim Lawn5.071v702.0Dromore
Holywood6.088v331.058th Old Boys
Lisnagarvey B2.061v905.0Warrenpoint
Lurgan B2.050v855.0Newcastle A
Saturday 26th August - 2.00pm
Match 17PtsScrScrPts
1st Ballymacarrett5.564v621.5Lurgan B
Curran B2.051v765.0Lisnagarvey B
Divis7.01v0-3.0Donaghadee B
Newcastle A7.090v570.0Warrenpoint
Ormeau7.0123v370.0Antrim lawn
58th Old Boys--v--Bye
Saturday 2nd September - 2.00pm
Match 18PtsScrScrPts
Antrim LawnMNP-v-MNPNewcastle A
Dromore6.079v681.0Curran B
HolywoodMNP-v-MNP1st Ballymacarrett
Lisnagarvey B0.040v1127.0Divis
Lurgan BMNP-v-MNPOrmeau
Warrenpoint7.01v0-3.058th Old Boys
Donaghadee B--v--Bye
MNP = Match Not Played

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