North Down BC – Centenary

North Down Bowling Club celebrate their 100th year in the NIBA on 17 March.

Founded on 8 March 1919 at an inaugural meeting held in the boardroom of the Bangor Urban Council, various names such as Clifton, Ava, Dufferin and, indeed Pickie was suggested, before finally agreeing upon North Down. During that meeting, J. McMurray was elected as first President by the 48 members present, a membership that grew rapidly to over 100 by the end of that first year.

North Down have a rich history in our Association with the Club providing 3 NIBA Presidents, Senior and Junior Cup and League successes and Championships winners. In addition, 2 Irish Presidents, Major S Hall-Thompson (1926) and more recently, Alec Oliver in 2005, along with International representation by HPV Barr, DR Graham and R Millar.

Uniquely, 4 father and sons have held the honour as Club President, S and L Ferguson, K and R Simpson, H and J Murphy and G and J McMeekin, which proves testimony to the Club’s strong family and friendly ethos.

We congratulate, celebrate with and wish North Down BC every success for their next 100.