Super 6’s 2022 Divs 1&2 Fixtures


Super 6’s Competition for Divisions 1 and 2

(3 pairs, 3 bowls, 2 sets of 9 ends)

Dress Code: Club Tops & Greys
Results & Team sheets to Stephen Moran

Super 6's Divisions 1 & 2
Monday 18th July
Group 1Castle Knights3.0v6.0Dee Dynamite
Group 1North Down City Slickers3.5v5.5Bangor Super Seasiders
Group 1BYE-v-Castle Warriors
Group 2Curran Power2.0v7.0Whitehead Brooks
Group 2Whitehead Pirates4.5v4.5Curran Rockets
Group 3Banbridge Old & New0.5v8.5Garvey Groundhogs
Group 3Ladies of The Bannv Lisnagarvey Lightning
Friday 22nd July
Group 1Castle Warriors5.5v3.5Castle Knights
Group 1Dee Dynamite9.0v0.0North Down City Slickers
Group 1BYE-v-Bangor Super Seasiders
Group 2Whitehead Brooks3.0v6.0Whitehead Pirates
Group 2Curran Rockets8.5v0.5Curran Power
Group 3Garvey Groundhogs9.0v0.0Ladies of the Bann
Group 3Lisnagarvey Lightning8.0v1.0Banbridge Old & New
Monday 25th July
Group 1Bangor Super Seasiders8.0v1.0Castle Warriors
Group 1Castle Knights3.5v5.5North Down City Slickers
Group 1BYE-v-Dee Dynamite
Group 2Curran Power3.5v5.5Whitehead Pirates
Group 2Whitehead Brooks5.0v4.0Curran Rockets
Group 3Banbridge Old & New8.0v1.0Ladies of the Bann
Group 3Garvey Groundhogs5.0v4.0Lisnagarvey Lightning
Friday 29th July
Group 1Dee Dynamite3.0v6.0Bangor Super Seasiders
Group 1North Down City Slickers6.5v2.5Castle Warriors
Group 1BYE-v-Castle Knights
Group 2Whitehead Pirates8.0v1.0Curran Power
Group 2Curran Rockets8.0v1.0Whitehead Brooks
Group 3Ladies of The Bann 2.0v7.0Banbridge Old & New
Group 3Lisnagarvey Lightning5.0v4.0Garvey Groundhogs
Monday 1st August
Group 1Bangor Super Seasiders8.0v1.0Castle Knights
Group 1Castle Warriors3.0v6.0Dee Dynamite
Group 1BYE-v-North Down City Slickers