Super 6’s 2023 Divs 3A&3B Fixtures

Super 6’s Competition for Divisions 3A and 3B

(3 pairs, 3 bowls, 2 sets of 9 ends)

Dress Code: Club Tops & Greys
Results & Team sheets to Tom Evans

Super 6's Fixtures - Divisions 3A & 3B
Wednesday 10th May
Group 1Antrim Saints7.0v2.0Glengormley Flyers
Group 1Garvey GrenadiersvCurran Storm
Group 2Castleton Crusaders6.5v2.5Antrim Sinners
Group 2Garvey Weavers5.5v3.5Curran Cavaliers
Group 3Londonderry Park Flyers7.0v2.0Finaghy Falcons
Group 3Finaghy Fury4.0v5.0Divis Deelights
Group 4Warrenpoint Chargers5.5v3.5Newcastle Pirates
Group 4Warrenpoint Warriors6.5v2.5Warrenpoint Gamblers
Thursday 11 May
Group 3Finaghy Falcons6.0v3.0Finaghy Fury
Wednesday 24 May
Group 1Curran Storm2.0v7.0Antrim Saints
Group 1Glengormley Flyers6.0v3.0Garvey Grenadiers
Group 2Curran Cavaliers6.5v2.5Castleton Crusaders
Group 2Antrim Sinners8.0v1.0Garvey Weavers
Group 3Divis Deelights7.0v2.0Londonderry Park Flyers
Group 4Warrenpoint Gamblers5.5v3.5Warrenpoint Chargers
Group 4Newcastle Pirates6.0v3.0Warrenpoint Warriors
Wednesday 7 June
Group 1Garvey Grenadiers2.5v6.5Antrim Saints
Group 1Glengormley Flyers9.0v0.0Curran Storm
Group 2Curran Cavaliers9.0v0.0Antrim Sinners
Group 2Castleton Crusaders6.0v3.0Garvey Weavers
Group 3Londonderry Park Flyers6.0v3.0Finaghy Fury
Group 3Finaghy Falcons6.0v3.0Divis Deelights
Group 4Warrenpoint Chargers2.5v5.5Warrenpoint Warriors
Group 4Newcastle Pirates6.0v3.0Warrenpoint Gamblers
Wednesday 21 June
Group 1Antrim Saints9.0v0.0Garvey Grenadiers
Group 1Curran Storm2.5v6.5Glengormley Flyers
Group 2Antrim Sinners9.0v0.0Curran Cavaliers
Group 2Garvey Weavers0.0v9.0Castleton Crusaders
Group 3Finaghy Fury3.0v6.0Londonderry Park Flyers
Group 3Divis Deelights9.0v0.0Finaghy Falcons
Group 4Warrenpoint Warriors6.0v3.0Warrenpoint Chargers
Group 4Warrenpoint Gamblers2.5v6.5Newcastle Pirates