Super 6’s 2023 Divs 1&2 Fixtures

Super 6’s Competition

Divisions 1 and 2

(3 pairs, 3 bowls, 2 sets of 9 ends)

Dress Code: Club Tops & Greys
Results & Team sheets to Tom Evans

Super 6's Fixtures - Divisions 1 & 2
Wednesday 10th May
Group 1Castle Knights2.0v7.0Dee Dynamite
Group 2Bangor Seasiders2.5v6.5North Down Amazons
Group 3Curran Power7.0v2.0Whitehead Brooks
Group 3Whitehead Pirates6.0v3.0Curran Rockets
Group 4Banbridge Now & Then9.0v0.0Rathfriland Hillbillies
Group 4Garvey Groundhogs6.0v3.0Annalong Vipers
Group 5Orchard Heroes3.0v6.0Bann-anarama
Wednesday 24 May
Group 1North Down City Slickers3.0v6.0Castle Knights
Group 2Castle Warriors1.0v8.0Bangor Seasiders
Group 3Whitehead Brooks2.0v7.0Whitehead Pirates
Group 3Curran Rockets7.0v2.0Curran Power
Group 4Annalong Vipers7.0v2.0Banbridge Now & Then
Group 4Rathfriland Hillbillies3.0v6.0Garvey Groundhogs
Group 5Garvey Lightning0.5v8.5Orchard Heroes
Wednesday 7 june
Group 1Dee Dynamite6.5v2.5North Down City Slickers
Group 2North Down Amazons4.5v4.5 (win)Castle Warriors
Group 3Whitehead Brooks2.0v7.0Curran Rockets
Group 3Curran Power2.5v6.5Whitehead Pirates
Group 4Rathfriland Hillbillies7.0v2.0Annalong Vipers
Group 4Banbridge Now & Then4.0v5.0Garvey Groundhogs
Group 5Bann-anarama8.0v1.0Garvey Lightning
Wednesday 21 June
Group 1Castle Knights6.0v3.0North Down City Slickers
Group 2North Down Amazons4.5v4.5Bangor Seasiders
Group 3Curran Rockets5.0v4.0Whitehead Brooks
Group 3Whitehead Pirates9.0v0.0Curran Power
Group 4Annalong Vipers6.0v3.0Rathfriland Hillbillies
Group 4Garvey Groundhogs6.0v3.0Banbridge Now & Then
Group 5Orchard Heroes6.0v3.0Garvey Lightning
Wednesday 5 July
Group 1North Down City Slickers0.0v9.0Dee Dynamite
Group 2Bangor Seasiders6.0v3.0Castle Warriors
Group 5Bann-anarama9.0v0.0Orchard Heroes
Monday 17 July
Group 1Dee Dynamite6.5v2.5Castle Knights
Group 2Castle Warriors4.0v5.0North Down Amazons
Group 5Garvey Lightning0.5v8.5Bann-anarama