Division 1 – Table & Fixtures

(Permission has been granted if Teams wish to play in grey trousers, as pavilions are currently still unavailable.)

Division 1 – Table 2021

Division 1

Rank Teams Played Won Lost Drawn Points Current form
1 BangorBangor 17 15 2 0 95 WWWWW
2 BalmoralBalmoral 17 13 4 0 87 WWWLW
3 BanbridgeBanbridge 17 13 3 1 85.5 WWWWW
4 WhiteheadWhitehead 17 12 4 1 79.5 LWWWW
5 SydenhamSydenham 17 8 9 0 58 LLLWW
6 DundonaldDundonald 17 7 10 0 54.5 WWLLL
7 LisnagarveyLisnagarvey 17 5 11 1 46 LLLWL
8 DonaghadeeDonaghadee 17 5 11 1 42 LLLLL
9 PortadownPortadown 17 3 14 0 23.5 LLWLL
10 CarrickfergusCarrickfergus 17 2 15 0 17 WLLLL


Division 1 – Fixtures 2021

League Division 1 - Season 2022
Saturday 23rd April - 2.00pm
Week 1PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral A2.071v765.0Bangor
Banbridge A6.088v741.0Lisnagarvey A
Carrickfergus A5.076v722.0Donaghadee A
Whitehead A7.0110v570.0Dundonald
Saturday 30th April - 2.00pm
Week 2PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral A6.591v490.5Donaghadee A
Bangor6.079v611.0Banbridge A
BYE--v--Whitehead A
Dundonald6.089v1.064Carrickfergus A
Lisnagarvey A4.080v753.0Sydenham
Saturday 7th May - 2.00pm
Week 3PtsScrScrPts
Carrickfergus A--v--BYE
Banbridge A1.078v856.0Balmoral A
Donaghadee A4.077v763.0Dundonald
Whitehead A7.0107v550.0Lisnagarvey A
Saturday 14th May - 2.00pm
Week 4 PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral A2.074v895.0Sydenham
Banbridge A7.083v540.0Donaghadee A
Bangor3.582v823.5Whitehead A
Lisnagarvey A6.092v611.0Carrickfergus A
Saturday 21st May - 2.00pm
Week 5PtsScrScrPts
Carrickfergus A0.060v977.0Bangor
Donaghadee A--v--BYE
Dundonald6.091v681.0Lisnagarvey A
Sydenham3.073v764.0Banbridge A
Whitehead A5.084v802.0Balmoral A
Saturday 28th May - 2.00pm
Week 6 PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral A7.0112v500.0Carrickfergus A
Banbridge A2.062v715.0Whitehead A
Lisnagarvey A--v--BYE
Sydenham5.566v591.5Donaghadee A
Saturday 4th June - 2.00pm
Week 7PtsScrScrPts
Carrickfergus A1.071v826.0Banbridge A
Donaghadee A7.098v590.0Lisnagarvey A
Dundonald0.069v1017.0Balmoral A
Whitehead A5.086v712.0Sydenham
Saturday 11th June - 2pm
Week 8PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral A--v--BYE
Banbridge A7.0101v640.0Dundonald
Bangor7.0127v420.0Lisnagarvey A
Sydenham6.598v650.5Carrickfergus A
Whitehead A6.083v651.0Donaghadee A
Saturday 18th June - 2.00pm
Week 9PtsScrScrPts
BYE--v--Banbridge A
Carrickfergus A0.058v957.0Whitehead A
Donaghadee A1.056v1086.0Bangor
Lisnagarvey A5.073v712.0Balmoral A
Saturday 25th June - 2.00pm
Week 10PtsScrScrPts
Bangor6.093v641.0Balmoral A
Donaghadee A7.01v0-3.0Carrickfergus A
Dundonald2.066v785.0Whitehead A
Lisnagarvey A1.062v886.0Banbridge A
Saturday 2nd July - 2.00pm
Week 11PtsScrScrPts
Banbridge A6.083v631.0Bangor
Carrickfergus A1.566v785.5Dundonald
Donaghadee A4.570v672.5Balmoral A
Sydenham2.079v865.0Lisnagarvey A
Whitehead A--v--BYE
Saturday 16th July - 2.00pm
Week 12PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral A5.587v681.5Banbridge A
BYE--v--Carrickfergus A
Dundonald6.570v420.5Donaghadee A
Lisnagarvey A2.078v795.0Whitehead A
Tuesday 19th July - 6.30pm
Week 18 B/FPtsScrScrPts
Balmoral A7.0106v570.0Lisnagarvey A
Banbridge A--v--BYE
Bangor 6.0107v511.0Donaghadee A
Whitehead 7.0102v540.0Carrickfergus A
Saturday 23rd July - 2.00pm
Week 13PtsScrScrPts
Carrickfergus A2.076v775.0Lisnagarvey A
Donaghadee A1.068v866.0Banbridge A
Sydenham1.056v846.0Balmoral A
Whitehead A6.085v721.0Bangor
Saturday 30th July - 2.00pm
Week 14PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral A0.057v1007.0Whitehead A
Banbridge A2.072v745.0Sydenham
Bangor7.0119v450.0Carrickfergus A
BYE--v--Donaghadee A
Lisnagarvey A1.064v776.0Dundonald
Saturday 6th August - 2.00pm
Week 15PtsScrScrPts
BYE--v--Lisnagarvey A
Carrickfergus A0.060v817.0Balmoral A
Donaghadee A1.565v765.5Sydenham
Whitehead A2.081v835.0Banbridge A
Saturday 13th August - 2.00pm
Week 16PtsScrScrPts
Balmoral A4.079v763.0Dundonald
Banbridge A7.0113v330.0Carrickfergus A
Lisnagarvey A1.072v886.0Donaghadee A
Sydenham0.064v1007.0Whitehead A
Saturday 27th August - 2.00pm
Week 17PtsScrScrPts
BYE--v--Balmoral A
Carrickfergus A5.064v522.0Sydenham
Donaghadee A1.060v826.0Whitehead A
Dundonald5.055v542.0Banbridge A
Lisnagarvey A0.075v1157.0Bangor
Week 18
Saturday 4th September - 2.00pm
This date's fixtures for Div 1 have been brought forward to Tue 19th July to avoid any potential clash for those players fortunate enough to be involved in the IBA National Championship Finals.

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